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Basic Information[]

In Metalstorm Online, Vargas is the commander of Helios Squadron (Your Squadron. Copperhead is her wingman and she later comes under the direct command of Admiral Durant.


Is she in Aces? Did she survive? Complete the missions in aces and maybe you'll find out.

As the Commander of Helios Squadron she actively leads the search for the Dominus. When it is found she demands a parley with Captain Nyman of the Dominus. After all the escorts of the Rebel Fleet have been destroyEd, he accepts to negotiate surrender and to tell Vargas something. However Admiral Durant shows up and demands the Navy to intiate the Dominus's self destruct sequence, even with Vargas still inside. Vargas is about to tell Copperhead something over the Radio when Dominus explodes and sinks breaking her off mid sentence.


A stout commander that always obeys orders she never complained when Durant gave strange and perhaps controversial orders. Despite doubts that she voices she sounds neutral and smartly makes it sound like is only making a tactical assessment. She seems to be close with Copperhead. 


  • She flys the Red Widow, Online's version of the F-35 Lightning II.
  • Vargas' name can be seen in the sidenotes of the loading screen and in the sea level, on the edge of the border you can see what looks like your airplane.
  • Even after you have completed Mission 3 when Vargas dies she will continue to give you tips.