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In the MetalStorm: Online Campaign, one enemy you will be facing are Markovian-manufactured turrets. Some are ship-mounted, while others are on land. There are two types: Machine gun turrets and SAM turrets. Machine gun turrets will fire bullets rapidly at the player, and while a single hit from one doesn't do much damage, staying in their range can shred the player's armor. The second type, SAM turrets, fire a surface-to-air missile that is extremely deadly. However, these can be dodged easily with the right timing. To make things easier, the accuracy of SAM turrets varies depending on the mission. The SAM turrets appear in Mission 2, while Machine gun turrets appear in Mission One.


  • Land-mounted machine gun turrets appear to use the model of an artillery gun, rather than a proper turret. However, this could also be the Markovians jury-rigging defenses, too.


Legion and Markovian ship-mounted turrets. The bottom picture is that of a land-mounted machine gun turret.