Thelonius, otherwise known as the Mad Monk, is the first antagonist encountered in Metalstorm: Aces. You fight against Thelonius in the tutorial, the Duel at Dawn, Tropical Retreat and 1,000-Mile Journey. He pilots the Temple In The Sky.


Appearances[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Before the betrayal of the Aces, Thelonius will fight you to evaluate your skills. After a quick battle, he will leave, claiming that you have great potential.

Duel at Dawn[edit | edit source]

Work in Progress.

Tropical Retreat[edit | edit source]


1,000 Mile Journey[edit | edit source]


Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite being one of the primary antagonists, Thelonius is an honorable warrior that always shows respect towards a worthy adversary. He treats every opponent like a student, giving them advice and punishing them for mistakes. Thelonius is gracious in defeat, complementing the main character when shot down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Thelonius bears tally marks on his arms and broken handcuffs, implying that he was once in prison.
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