The Monster and the Fool is a Halloween Exlusive Event for the 2013 Halloween. There are three missions: A Miserable Pile of Secrets, You Meddling Kids, and With Teeth. The ace of all missions is Ichabod Bennet. All The Monster and the Fool missions are speed runs.

Miserable Pile of SecretsEdit

Complete this mission to unlock the Dhampir! Earn the plane for free if you accomplish a 3-Star victory!

The first mission of The Monster and the Fool, features Ichabod Bennet with the Dhampir, (cannon name), (missile name), and the Jaws of Fire. When you beat this mission within 2 minutes and 40 sceonds, you will be awarded the Dhampir, but if you get at least 1 star, you unlock the Dhampir.


If you spam missiles be sure to equip Rapid Reload as a bonus ability. Make sure to use at least the 28mm Seeker, and XK-12 Brimstone, with a decent plane, Orion or higher. Use the same tactics as you would on Raki, as they both equip the Jaws of Fire. The tactic: Do not face him unless you shoot missiles at him, then immediately turn away. Shoot him with cannons and missiles when he is turned away from you. Do NOT shoot at him directly with your cannons as he will shoot at you and your cannons will overheat.


You Meddling KidsEdit

To unlock the Vargulf, you must complete this mission! The unlikely 3-Star victory will earn a free Vargulf!

The second mission of The Monster and the Fool, features Ichabod Bennet with Vargulf, (cannon name), (missile name), and (special missile name). You unlock the plane Vargulf if you get at least a 1 star. You get the plane for free if you get 3 Stars, or win within 2 minutes and 50 seconds.


Make sure to spam missiles.


With TeethEdit

Unlock the Necrach by completing the mission! No pilot has earned 3 stars, so who knows what happens?


Don't die...and be sure to dodge all missiles.


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