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Survival Mode[]

This is a game mode for Metal Storm. It is Multi-Player or

Single Player. It consist of waves of enemy planes that gradually get harder. The higher you wave the more Credits and EXP you will obtain.

Survival mode is a game mode accessible from the play button. In survival mode, the player faces endless waves of CPU planes of increasing number and difficulty. The player has a score that goes up for every enemy they destroy. Survival mode score is a Game Center leaderboard section too. In addition to score, the player earns credits and experience (exp) for playing survival mode. In single player survival, the player faces the enemies alone. In multiplayer survival, the player faces the enemies with a Game Center co-op wingman that is announced before the game starts, as well as their plane, cannon, and missiles. After a player is destroyed by an enemy, the player observes that enemy. If a player crashes, the player observes their partner. After the player's killer has been destroyed, the camera switches to observing the player's partner until the partner is destroyed, no matter how many more waves it takes. While the player is observing after their plane has been destroyed, they will still gain exp, score, and credits. If a partner is destroyed before the player is destroyed, the message will desplay,"Your co-op partner was destroyed", and when the player is destroyed, there will be no observing. If a partner dissconects, the message, "Your co-op partner has dissconected". After a co-op game has ended, there will be two options: go back to the menu, or play again. If the player presses play again, they must wait for the other player also to consent to play again.