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R-94 Achilles

This is a MetalStorm: Online plane.

This plane seems to be a limited offer plane.

In real life, the SR 71 Blackbird was one of the most amazing planes ever built. A reconnaissance plane with no weapons, it was one of the fastest plane ever made. Able to go mach 3+ at 80,000 feet, it was able to go so fast and so high that no missiles could catch it. For quite awhile, the Blackbird was able to fly just about anywhere it wanted without fear of getting shot down.

Stats: Stealth: 2nd in class to the Nightwing Damage: BEST IN CLASS (better than most agility class planes) Speed: BEST IN CLASS. This is the first defense class plane to add a speed boost. Evasion: 2nd in class to the green eagle

Even with the boost, the speed of the Achilles is really quite slow, as with most defense class planes. It is a bit of a shame that Z2 has chosen to make on of the fastest planes ever built as a defense class turtle that will get easily out raced by any agility class planes and also a few weapons class planes. True, in real life it was not maneuverable like an agility class plane, but it just seems to be a waste to dump one of the coolest planes ever built into the lack luster defense class. SR 71 blackbird planes fast black eagles!