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Markovia is a fictional country which supports many of the antagonists in Online. They field a fully-equipped military, including tanks, artillery, aircraft, and a navy. The player character of Aces was a member of their air force, along with the traitorous Aces, whom the player hunts down and kills.


Markovia possesses at least two named locations. These are an Arms Factory located in the Iron Sea, whose workers defected from the Royal Legion, and Port Crescent. The former was destroyed by Helios Squad, and the latter was invaded by both Helios Squad and a Royal Legion invasion force.


The Markovian air force uses the F-7 Wraith as their main fighter jet. They also use turrets to defend important buildings, and ships for defending and attacking.


*The only Markovian civilian encountered by any player character is the Matron Mother, after Helios Squad invade Port Crescent.