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F-113 Eagle-X
Basic Info
Class WeaponsClassWeapons Class
Requirements Achievement
Extra Stats
Eagle X
IMG 0219-1-

Shop Preview of the F-113 Eagle-X

This is a MetalStorm: Online plane.

COST AND REQUIREMENTS:10000 credits but can only be unlocked AFTER you complete the campaign.

It is overall a great plane, but will require some upgrades. What I find lacking is the small boosts in missile reload and lock speed. It's barely an increase! This a plane that MUST be upgraded to compete with others.

The Eagle X represents the Su-47. The Su-47 is a Russian fighter aircraft.


  • This is a Russian Su-47 Berkut. The Su-47 is a twin engine, supermanoverable stealth fighter plane under development from the Sukhoi Design Bureau.
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