F-106 Thresher
Basic Info
Class AgilityClassV2.jpg Agility Class
Requirements Level 24
Extra Stats
F-106 Thresher.jpg
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This is a plane from MetalStorm: Online.

This plane resembles an Lockheed F-22 Raptor. It is an agility class plane and is thus best suited for Dogfights where turning toface your enemy is essential. With great agilty, speed and acceptable energy and evasion (though lacking extra armor and weapon damage compared to the other classes) this is the best non premium Agility-class plane you can buy without Coins. A truly remarkable character to the real life F-22.


  • The F-22 is a stealth fighter, meaning unable to be detected by radar, making it virtually invisible to the enemy at long range. As a 5th generation fighter jet, it also can cruise speed and has vector thrust nozzles to increase its maneuvering.
  • The F-22 has an internal weapons bay for housing missiles and other munitions instead of carrying them on the wings. In order to fire it must open, which is the only time it exposes itself to radar due to the inside not having stealth coating.
  • In-universe, the Thresher appears to be a sister plane of the F-106 Arbiter, which fulfills a similar role as a Defense-class
  • The Thresher is a species of medium size sharks which has an very long tail fin.
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