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F-106 Arbiter




15,000 Credits



DMG Resistance






This is a MetalStorm: Online plane.

The F-106 Arbiter is one of the best defense planes in the game. It is the closest thing to a stealth fighter in this game, besides the Juggernaut, with 10% stealth, and the nightwing, with 14% stealth. Fully upgraded defense class planes already have a +20% stealth rating and the Arbiter adds another +10%. This will make it much harder for your opponent to lock onto you with their missiles. The boost in armor is good also. I have a hard time getting too excited about the boost in energy, since defense class planes have a ton of energy reserves already. The Missile resistance is a cool upgrade and is only available on the Arbiter and the Dragon. What it lacks though, is a nice amount of regeneration, as all defense classes should have. The Arbiter is a nice reliable defense class plane.


  • The Arbiter resembles a F-22 Raptor, a US Air Force stealth air superiority fighter. This makes the Arbiter even more like a stealth plane.