Statistics Edit

IMG 0213-1-

Shop Preview of the D-7 Wartusk

Class: Weapons

Cannon Damage: +10%

Overheat Limit: +10%.

Information/Strategy Edit

This is a Metalstorm: Online plane. It costs 2000 credits and is a plane you can purchase it early in the game. While it will lack the agility in a dogfight, if the user can manage to put the opponent plane into position where the user can use the D-7's improved cannon damage to it's adantage, .it can be a midly effective plane. This means it is not a great plane in dogfights, but a step up form the beginner planes the player receives in the beginning

Trivia Edit

  • The D-7 Wartusk is aesthetically identical to the A-10 Thunderbolt, which is a Close Air Support aircraft. The only difference is that it has a light and dark brown camouflage scheme. In fact, the boar tusk decal on the nose is a reference to it's nickname: “The Warthog”.
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