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A co-pilot as defined by Wikipedia, is “the second pilot of an aircraft”, or in other words, a passenger who assists the pilot of an aircraft. In military aviation, co-pilots often act as gunners or operate electronics in a seat behind the pilot. In MetalStorm: Aces however, Co-pilots give the player character “buffs”, basically, positive effects to give the player an edge against enemies. These range from extra damage against Aces, extra cannon damage and tracking, or decreasing the amount of energy maneuvers require. Obviously, co-pilots are essential to keeping the player alive.


"Aces of Aces"
"Wind Turk"
"Special Delivery" Thaden
"Wind Carver" Stinson


"Iron Raven" Vang Seu
"Viper" Kimbrell
"Fireproof" Chin
"Red Baron" Richthofen
"Fireproof" Chin
"Smoking Gun" Browning


"Straight Shooter" Epstein
"Hothead" Henshaw
"Unerring" Nishizawa


"Fighting Angel" Lee
"Flying Dutchman" Fokker
"Demon Mask" Sakai
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