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Player missiles:[]

Missiles are the most commonly used weapon in the game. The most commonly seen missiles are the ones used by the player:

JAVELINS: The first missile you get and the most commonly used. Even higher players usually use them and you get an infinite amount of them. Quite good if you have a good plane, but not the best at seeking.

BRIMSTONE: The second missile in the list. It is also the one that is often given as rewards for finishing campaigns. It's fairly cheap, but this is good because it's not all that much better than the javelin. They're slightly better at tracking, and slightly better at damage-ify-ination.

DRAGONS: The third missile on the list. The missile is not much more damaging than the Brimstone, but it is the ultimate tracking weapon, with the highest tracking stat. This missile is also very slow to build, and quite expensive. When fighting toughish aces, it is recomended that you build up a large stock of them.

THUNDERBOLTS: The final missile. It is the most damaging, and has the only stat that is full; damage. Not quite as good at tracking as the dragon, it is best used in timed missions because of it's ability to damage things real fast. It's smoke trail is cool, with red sparks.

Those are the summaries of the abilities of each individual missile. Next we'll move on to the more interesting topic of the ace's missiles.

Ace's missiles:[]

Aces missiles generally have special abilities. They do small amounts of damage, but they have no limit and have side effects. They also can have other names. Here are some summaries:

CTRL+ALT+DEL: This is Iggy $parX missile. It is named this because Iggy is supposed to be a computer hacker. The missile itself is a bluish fat ugly thing with the special ability to split into four. When this happens, straps fall away from the missile. This ability renders it nearly impossible to shoot down, requiring skilled manoeuvring. It is advised that you stay facing Iggy most of the time, as it can cause a LOT of ¨incoming missile¨ symbols. That many missiles can cause the game to glitch and you to be shut out of the app. Another thing is that, unlike most aces, he also uses javelins.

No status effects, but destroying the missile with cannons will NOT work, resort to maneuvering.

SILK PANTHER: This is Emerson Frost's missile. It is whitish purple, with jagged spikes sticking out in front. When it hits you, all your manuvers are disabled, which makes it very tricksy to dodge further missiles. Fortunately, Frost almost never uses missiles, preferring to let his minions do the pounding after he's disabled you. His missiles also do quite a bit of damage, but at least in the first campaign, they don't have very good tracking.

When hit, resort to accelerating/braking while turning to break lock or shoot further missiles down.

ONE HAND CLAPPING/ECHOS OF SILENCE: These are two names for Thelonius's missile. The wise and amazing author of this page has forgotten what it looks like, but it is quite dangerous. Like Emerson, he doesn't often use them. The missile, when it hits you, disables all your steering and surroundes your screen in a ring of symbols. This makes it seem better than Frost's. BUT WAIT. There's MORE. Thelonius's missiles don't do as much damage, so they're equal.

There isn't much to do when hit. Try not to fly near obstacles to reduce chances of crashing into them while the plane is being controlled.

CRASHING WAVE: This is Raki's missile, and since he has special CANONS, his missile is normal. However, his CANNON deals quite a large amount of damage and disables your own cannons.

This, coupled with Raki's fight pattern (frequent cannon runs) makes him a difficult opponent as missiles are shredded by his cannons and your own cannons are disabled when faced with a head to head "jousting" scenario, which Raki DOES try to incite as much as he can.

COWPOKES PROD/OLD APPLE PEELER: These are two names for Bonnie's missile. It is long and brown, and while it does not disrupt flight pattern as Thelonius' missile, throws your plane into a frenzy, breaking lock and disabling any kind of aiming with any kind of weapon. Has incredibly high damage.

Use regular methods of missile evasion. However when hit, use opportunity to get into position for another attack. By the time you're in position the "no aim" effect would have worn off.

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